Below are our daily rates for Argentina holidays in 2018, all with your own private vehicle and English-speaking guide. The price excludes food and accommodation.

One personTwo peopleThree peopleFour people (one vehicle)Four people (two vehicles)
US$350 US$200 US$150 US$125 US$200
Prices per person: valid until the end of June 2018

High inflation is an issue here, and if you've been on an Argentina holiday before, even a couple of years ago, you'll see there has been a sharp increase in prices. The good news is the dollar and euro also rise in value: and at Poncho Tours we have kept the same rate for three years now. In any case, you’ll find Salta is a lot cheaper than Buenos Aires, and it's even better value once we take you on the road on one of our trips. 

Double rooms at the privately owned B&Bs and small hotels we work with start from US$50 per night. You can eat well in some of the simple rustic places we use where you will be rubbing shoulders with the locals for less than US$10 per person. And you can splash out on a three course meal with wine in a smart restaurant, and it’s still unlikely to set you back more than US$50.

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