Why Choose Poncho Tours?

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Poncho Tours is a family company working with a select group of English-speaking guides, expert local providers, and boutique hotels. We've been organising tailor-made for clients from 48 different countries across the world for 14 years.


Meet the Owners & Founders

Nick & Alicia Evans

Nick & Alicia Evans

Poncho Tours was founded by Nick Evans, a Brit who fell in love with this part of the world, and his wife Alicia, a native of Salta.  We still meet all our guests, and run many of the tours, with help from our hand-selected local English-speaking guides. Because our company has stayed deliberately small, we've kept the personal touch, so it's us you'll be dealing with when you contact Poncho Tours to organise your holiday in Argentina.

How We Started

Nick and Alicia met in 1999 on a bus from Bolivia to Peru, and discovered they shared a passion for travel. After moving from London to Salta in northwest Argentina in 2008, Nick, a journalist and TV producer, and Alicia, a History teacher, turned their old colonial house into a B&B, and started taking some of the guests on tours. And so Poncho Tours was born!

The travel operator remains dedicated to providing a bespoke, personalized service from start to finish: helping you decide where to go in Argentina.

Why choose us?

Poncho Tours - Argentina Tour Packages

Since 2008, we have been providing exclusive personalised Argentina private tours to intrepid travellers like you. All of our tours in South America are escorted by a select group of knowledgeable English-speaking guides. Instead of offering identikit Argentina group tours, we arrange a local experience. We're sure you'll find our tours to be adventurous, informative, and exciting.

Quality & Experience

When you're planning your trip to Argentina, wherever you’re going, do get in touch with Nick and Alicia at Poncho Tours. We have been organizing people’s tailor-made holidays for 14 years. Though based in Salta and specialists in the northwest, we have contacts all over the country, so can recommend the best things to do in Buenos Aires, the finest wineries in Mendoza, and the top places to visit in Patagonia.

During our Covid-enforced shutdown over 2020-21, Nick returned to his old job as a journalist and has been writing for the international blog Budget Travel Plans.

Here you will find links to Nick’s articles on Buenos Aires, as well as his guides to the famous Atacama desert in Chile and tours of the Bolivia salt flats, the Salar de Uyuni.

We can also arrange tours to Bolivia’s little-known wine region of Tupiza, the historic cities of Potosi and Sucre, and onto the capital, La Paz.

And check Nick's regular blog which is updated every month with useful information about your holiday in South America.

Culture & Tradition

Your trip with Poncho Tours will give you an insight into Argentina's culture and tradition. Argentina is an ostensibly Catholic country but, particularly in the rural areas, Christianity is mixed with pre-hispanic beliefs in Mother Earth, Pachamama. When you visit Argentina, you will come across roadside shrines to more contemporary folk saints like Gauchito Gil and the Difunta Correa. In the North West, the coca leaf is also bound up with ancient traditions: it's still chewed daily by the locals and is ideal for combating altitude sickness. Read our blog to find out more about South America's holy herb.

Though some may quibble about its listing under culture, football is the glue that binds the nation, and it provides a great ice-breaker for foreign visitors. It was immigrant railway workers who staged the first ever football match in Argentina in 1867, and the Scotsman Alexander Hutton who founded the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino 26 years later. The Brits, of course, also brought rugby and polo (as well as cricket, which, mysteriously, never quite caught on). Read our blog for more about the patron saint of Argentine football, Diego Maradona.

Food & Drink

Argentina is a food lover's paradise. Taste the grilled Argentinian beef slathered in fresh chimichurri sauce. Savour the empanadas filled with meat, chicken, or cheese (think of a small meat pie). There are cornmeal tamales with meat, and humitas, parcels of sweetcorn and cheese wrapped in a maize leaf. In the border province of Jujuy, llama is a speciality, served with quinoa or Andean potatoes, of which there are hundreds of varieties of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Pescatarians and vegetarians will be treated to culinary delights like river fish and pasta, while we have the Italians to thank for the best ice cream parlours in South America.

Nick and Alicia from Poncho Tours will be your guides to the Argentine kitchen, and we can organize special classes for those who are passionate about food (and drink!). To whet your appetite, here you can read our blog about Argentina's sweet tooth.

And on our blog you can read more about Malbec and Torrontes on Argentine wine tours.


South America's True Gems Salta, Argentina

We are based in North West Argentina: one of South America's true gems. This is a region rich in history and indigenous culture boasting some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. The Cafayate wine region lies to the south, while a short hop across the Andes lies the famous Chilean Atacama desert and to the north are the breathtakingly beautiful Salares of Uyuni in Bolivia. We specialize in hiking and wine tours, but whatever your interests we can design a bespoke holiday in Argentina to suit your tastes: from history to horse-riding, music to mountain biking, indigenous life to nightlife.

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