What’s a Blue Dollar?

As we approach the end of a year in which annual inflation is expected to top 50%, it seems like a good moment to write about the blue dollar.   Why do you need to know this? Because it makes your holiday in Argentina so much cheaper. In many cases, by using the blue dollar … Continued

Tango and Skyschlenka

As any visitors to Argentina will discover, this is a nation of individuals with a very sweet tooth. Coke, not water or wine, is the default drink when eating out of an evening: quite how people manage to tuck into a full barbecue without a good Malbec or Tannat to ease it down still mystifies … Continued

Torrontes: the real emblem of Argentine wine

Torrontes is the emblematic variety of Salta province, a superb white wine with a floral bouquet and a crisp, dry finish. Its origins are mysterious and have nothing to do with the Torrontes variety from La Rioja, Spain, with which it was originally confused. DNA testing has now revealed it is a cross between two … Continued

Argentina re-opens to tourism

The Prime Minister of my home country, Boris Johnson, unwisely dubbed it “Freedom Day” when the UK liberated itself from most Covid-imposed restrictions on July 19th this year. The result was an uptick in infection rates despite mass vaccinations, and increasing hospital admissions now autumn is setting in. So it’s not Freedom Day today in Argentina, but the … Continued